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Ruth McMahon

Tom Clary

Anthony Smith

"If you live in East Central Florida, the place to go for computer repair problems is Computer Care Clinic on Merritt Island. You can expect Great Patience and WORLD-CLASS service!"

C. Van Buren

"I am not a computer person, but thank GOD that Susan from Computer Care Clinic Merritt Island is! She has saved my sanity so often, not to mention all my data!  I honestly don't know what I would do without her."

David Haslam

"Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. I've been taking my computers to them for years and have never had a bad experience. They are the only people I would trust out of all the computer service providers in the area". Alysa A.


"Susan is the most patient, kind person! She explains everything she's done to our computers and even gave us tips to keep those nasty viruses off our systems. She's fast, efficient, and affordable. Computer-world is getting scarier all the time. Nice to have a pro in our corner to help fight the bad guys." Naomi B.


"Clean nice place of business, the people are very nice and know what they are talking about...I will tell all my friends about them...thank you for all of your help. Computer Care Clinic...." John L. Boyd, Jr.


"Wow... Excellent Service! Not only did Susan fix my computer problem (hard drive) in a fast and expedient manner, rather than just “pay and walk out the door”, Susan took the time (almost an hour) to explain my updated system with the new programs, giving me tips and advice on protecting my system, and how to ensure it stays virus free, along with detailed instructions on when and how to “clean and protect" my system. Susan was very through, never rushing me out the door, and answering all my questions, but she gave me more info than I had questions. GREAT SERVICE."

Sunrise Surfer


"SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, QUICK TURN-AROUND and AFFORDABLE. I had spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer before I gave up and started searching for a reputable computer repair service. I'm fairly new to the area and not having any word-of-mouth recommendations, I felt a little uneasy about who I could trust with my computer. Plus, as a working student whose online summer class was to begin in a few days, I was short on time and low on money. What to do! It was my initial conversation with Susan that prompted me to trust her with my situation. One of the best decisions I've ever made as I received outstanding customer service, a quick turn-around and the pricing was fair. One more thing I'd like to mention: she took her time to explain to me what went wrong in detail and how I could avoid this in the future. I really appreciate all the knowledge she shared with me as I feel like its worth its weight in gold. You can't go wrong with Susan at Computer Care Clinic at Merritt Island!"

Emily Berggren



Ed Seal


"Great service, quick turnaround on a complicated computer project. Thanks again!"

Steven Johnson

5 years ago-

The guys at Computer Care Clinic are AWESOME! I was in town on a business trip and my computer decided it wanted to go on the fritz. Called the store and they said to come on over. Now first you have to know that it was 5:30 p.m. the day before a holiday. Walked in and they had me back up and running in 10 minutes. Turns out it was a loose wire in the hard drive. They are a true life saver, I can't begin to thank them enough. Dan and Joe, you guys rock!!! If you have any computer issues, I highly recommend these guys. If I ever have any computer issues and I'm in town I will definitely come see them. Thanks Again!!!"

Tom Clary

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