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Over the years we have become very skilled in identifying and removing malicious spyware and malware from computers.  We are quick and thorough and take care of every problem. 

In today's world we all want to enjoy the benefits the world wide web has to offer, but you also run a serious risk if you are not able to tell a legitimate program from a phony one. And they are all over the internet! Unfortunately, you run a 95% risk of getting virus infected if you download free music, games, porn and programs, especially when they say they are 100% safe and free!  RUN FROM THEM!


We are experts at removing difficult malware, spyware and adware and can return your device to a safe and secure system. Computer Care offers a 30 DAY WARRANTY on all virus cleanups -- that is still the LONGEST and most generous virus and malware warranty in the world. Also, do not trust any online quick fix site that offers solutions if you download their programs. AND NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO REMOTE INTO YOUR COMPUTER EVER! 

IN 30 seconds they can steal the "golden nuggets" such as passwords and tax returns. Unfortunately, many trusted individuals have become victims of Identity theft this way.


DO NOT TRUST ANY SERVICE THAT SAYS THEY ARE A MICROSOFT PARTNER!  Microsoft has NO PARTNERS!  There are con artists looking to steal your identity and your MONEY!

Only trust qualified technicians like COMPUTER CARE CLINIC to solve your virus issues!   

Over the past ten years, virus hacker have become very clever at hacking the digital signatures of authentic sites and hide spyware and malware behind them. This makes most anti virus software quite ineffective.  Therefore, after we clean and service your computer, we provide complimentary training and support software that will help you better protect yourself so that you don't download malicious programs and sites.  Good protective measures are critical to protect yourself from hackers. 


We also train company employees on the dos and don'ts.  Many companies in today's world can be caught off guard with phone "spoofing" and "Phishing" emails and phone calls  that can fool your employees into providing critical passwords and access to your company files and data bases.  Therefore it is critical to have a company policy in place so that these "oops" moments don't happen and ransomware doesn't steal your important company data. 

CALL OR VISIT US TODAY!      #321-452-0911



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