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Warning: Many Remote Support Companies are Scams!

You may be called by someone claiming to be Microsoft Tech Support, or be tempted to call some phone-based computer repair service due to its convenience. Many people have. We offer remote service too. But these companies are often scams! Remote support may not be useful for many things, including hardware troubleshooting. Some problems require hand-on attention. And wouldn't you rather deal with someone you know? There are a few more things you should be aware of before you travel down the potentially dangerous road of remote support.

  • Remote technicians require an internet connection to provide support. Certain programs and diagnostics cannot be run over the internet. Computer Care Clinic checks your hardware to ensure your computer is in tip-top condition to head off problems before they occur. Remote technicians can't do that, regardless what they tell you. You can't run diagnostics while you're running Windows using the hardware you're trying to test..


  • Many remote technicians are criminals. They will lie to you, attempt to sell you software you don't need, and if you don't buy from them, they may install viruses and malware on your computer! 


  • Are you sure who you're dealing with? Even though you searched AOL for Microsoft Support, chances are you were misled and have trusted some stranger in a foreign land with your credit card information and your privacy. Computer Care has two storefronts right here in Brevard County. We're licensed and insured, and two of us are Florida State Notary Publics. You can trust us, and you'll always know where to find us.


  • 90% of these computer technicians are in India or other countries that pay technicians practically nothing while some other fat cats keep the rest of your money and travel to Disney World. If you support these offshore companies and not local businesses, we can't survive. Your local economy loses valuable jobs, your state loses tax revenues, and your neighborhoods suffer. Help us keep your local economy strong!

Honest, local computer businesses all over the world are losing millions of dollars in revenue to telemarketers who are cold calling innocent people, telling them there is a virus on their computer. 

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