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Don't Download FAKE Software!

By now, everyone has heard on the news that Internet Explorer had a security flaw. All versions, including the latest one, were subject to a ridiculously rare Flash compromise that nearly no one experienced. The media ran with this story, permeating the entire globe (and even outer space), and every living human with an electronic device was sent scrambling to avoid using Internet Explorer until this security flaw was fixed. Less than a week later, the flaw was patched by Microsoft. Of course, that story was never a headline. We still get about a dozen calls a day with people asking us what they can use instead of Internet Explorer. Years later, people will still fear using Internet Explorer.


Ironically, instead of protecting people, this situation caused more of a malware problem. In our two stores, infections nearly doubled from the prior month. The main problem? Not knowing from where to get the correct software. When people attempted to download Adobe’s updated Flash player or alternatives to Internet Explorer, the bad guys were waiting with fake websites and malicious downloads.

How to recognize and avoid fake Java and Flash updates that can compromise your computer.

Internet searching is today’s biggest advertising business, finally eclipsing television in 2014. Legitimate and not so legitimate companies spend billions of dollars trying to get you to click on their advertisements. An entire industry has been created that does nothing but profit on your clicks. And a new criminal enterprise has evolved – the people who create malware and hold your computer hostage until you pay them to stop their obnoxious pop-up ads are making millions of dollars a year.


Throughout all of our searching, we found it very difficult to find a “clearing house” of safe websites. So we’ve decided to create this page to direct you to the legitimate websites from which you can download the real versions of free and paid software, safely, and without attached adware or malware.


Things change quickly in today’s fast-paced society, so we can assume no liability for sites that have changed ownership, business practices, or have been hijacked by rogue entities. We will attempt to keep this updated as frequently as possible. Remember, we’re not getting paid to do this, so it’s not something we’re likely going to babysit. Ironically, it may actually cause us to lose money. We are accepting contributions… make those checks payable to Computer Care Clinic!









Please note: Some of these are redirected URLs because we receive a commission on sales.

Please note: Some of these are redirected URLs because we receive a commission on sales. 

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