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OUR SUNTREE COMPUTER REPAIR LOCATION HAS MOVED! Thanks to all of you, we have expanded our Suntree computer repair store to the anchor unit of Suntree Station. Many of you will be relieved to know we didn't move across town again -- it's the same address, just a much larger space on Wickham Road and Suntree Boulevard, on the corner in Suite 113. Check out our all new COMPUTER CARE NEWS here!

We won our third Angie's List Super Service Award thanks to your reviews. Thank you again!

We also won this year's Florida Today BEST OF BREVARD award for the fourth time. Who says good guys finish last?

Thank you all for voting us #1 on Angie's List AGAIN, and also the Best of Brevard! We are the one and only real "award-winning" computer repair service in Brevard County. Computer Care Clinic Melbourne has two convenient locations for all your computer repair needs. Our newest Brevard County computer repair and sales store is in Suntree Station at the corner of Suntree Boulevard and Wickham Road, behind the 7-11 (click for a Google map). Merritt Island's Computer Care is on Route 520, just past Courtenay Parkway.

Why should you choose Computer Care for your computer support? Because we're experienced, knowledgable, polite, and most of all -- we're honest. If you've been shopping around for computer service, you probably know it's difficult to find a technician who speaks English these days. All of our stores are American owned and operated, and we do business the old-fashioned way. Don't take our word for it. Talk to your friends and neighbors. And read our reviews all over the internet and on Angie's List, and you too will find we are pretty wonderful.

  • Most of our diagnostics and repairs are completed in 24-48 hours at no additional charge, and rush service is also available if you need it faster. Big box stores and some of our other competitors can take several weeks. We've heard stories of computer people coming into your home, taking your computer for a repair, and then never coming back. That's stealing.
  • A large contingent of our customers is aged 60+, so weunderstand the needs of the Greatest Generation. We want to make using a computer as easy as possible. Our repairs, even a complete reload, are done so that we can get you as close to the computer you're used to as possible.
  • When we do a repair, we don't take the easy way out, like some of your well-intentioned friends or neighbors. We've heard countless stories of amateur computer guys erasing everything and reloading Windows or OSX on a computer without saving your pictures, and they were lost forever. That's ridiculous and lazy. We take every effort to preserve your priceless data, and we'll show you how to back it up yourself, too. No offense intended, but just because your neighbor was a rocket scientist doesn't qualify him as a computer technician. And we don't build rockets.
  • We're the only shop in town that still sells top-quality refurbished computers with Windows 7. If you're not ready for Windows 8 or 10, come see us and we'll set you up with something you can be comfortable using.

Computer Care offers diagnostics for all computers. We'll tell you what's wrong, if anything, and how much it would cost to fix it. No games; just good old-fashioned American morals, service and values. Computer Care was Brevard’s first remote-service specialist too – we can connect directly to your computer over any high-speed internet connection and repair many problems quickly, conveniently, and affordably in our store for as little as $59. We always apply your diagnostic fees toward any paid repairs, so diagnostics are usually free. Our technicians can also come to your home when necessary for an hourly fee.

Since 2000, Computer Care technicians have been helping thousands of people troubleshoot all kinds of hardware and software issues. With over seven thousand satisfied customers, chances are your friends or neighbors have visited one of our computer repair stores in Melbourne or Merritt Island. Computer Care experts can help you with hardware or software problems, removing virus and malware infections, upgrading or replacing memory and hard drives, tune-ups, general troubleshooting, and purchasing a new or certified pre-owned PC.

We're proud to offer the most comprehensive virus cleanup in the industry! While most average fly-by-night computer repair techs will run one or two tools and pretend they're heroes as they happily skip down the street with your hard-earned money, our folks run up to 20 individual diagnostic scans that also check your hard drive, memory, operating system, web browsers, plug-ins, and common utilities. And, if something is out of date or not working properly, we'll update all that too -- all at no additional charge. Finally, our virus cleanups include a complete system optimization to ensure your computer runs the best it can. We'll delete unnecessary temporary files and restore points, and eliminate nonsense programs from starting every time your computer boots up. It's our job to make your computer as "bullet-proof" as we possibly can. Plus, only Computer Care offers a very liberal 30-day warranty on all our work. If something doesn't look right or you somehow get infected again, just give us a call.

We'll be expanding our computer sales and service offerings with some all new things that have never been offered anywhere in Brevard County:

Electronics purchasing consulting. No more mistakes that could cost you hundreds of dollars and hours of inconvenience! For a flat fee of $59, we'll help you decide which computer, TV, smartphone, or tablet to purchase. Our electronic specialists will evaluate your needs and your budget, and come up with two or three written recommendations based on price, quality, availability, utility, and reliability. This is the first time this service has ever been offered to consumers.

Personalized coaching on computer usage or repair. For $59 an hour, we'll have a tech sit with you, one-on-one, to teach you anything you want to know about computers. You can learn how to use Excel like a pro, or create stunning PowerPoint slideshows. Ever wondered how to use Photoshop or Quickbooks? We have folks who can help. Want to build your own computer, or install some upgrades yourself? If you're not quite sure how to do all that, no worries - we can help. Appointments available late afternoons and weekends.

And, we're creating Melbourne, Florida's first YouTube Production Studio for aspiring YouTube stars in the back of our store! Thanks to you, our Computer Care Clinic channel is already very popular. Now, you or your business can create your own viral videos! In conjuction with our marketing partner, Brevard Marketing, we can help with professional scripting, lighting, camera work, professional voice overs, and video editing services so your videos will look top-notch.

Don't Download FAKE Software: Here are links to the REAL stuff.

A majority of the malware problem begins when good people are searching for software. We've heard stories of people trying to install an Adobe Flash update, Firefox browser, or Google Chrome, but unknowingly downloading malware instead. A big problem seems to be that people do not know where to download real versions of the programs they're looking for. We have solved that problem! We created a page with direct links to the REAL websites for several browsers, plug-ins, and antivirus programs. You can thank us later. Click here for a list of legitimate software links we've created to get you to the right software.

Microsoft Phone Call Scam Alert

There are several scams targeting computer users today. The most common one is people calling you telling you they are from Microsoft, and there is a virus on your computer. This is an outright lie! These people are not from Microsoft, and there have been cases where these Indian people have actually damaged computers and deleted all their documents. NEVER let a stranger "remote control" your computer. Please call us if you suspect your computer has this software installed on it, and we can help remove it.

Windows XP Support Has Ended.

Your Windows XP computer did not self-destruct on April 8th, 2014. But Microsoft’s 12-year-old Windows XP operating system is undoubtedly old in this quickly changing era of technology. What it means is that the automatic updates that help protect and stabilize your PC will be discontinued. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP also. So what should you do? You could upgrade to Windows 10, but very few older computers will have the power to run it. You can download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant to check if your PC meets the system requirements for Windows 10 and then follow the steps in the tutorial to upgrade if your PC is able. It’ll run anywhere from $120 to $200 for the Windows 10 software (it's free for Windows 7 and 8), and unfortunately, you will have to back up your data, and then reinstall all your programs and hardware. If that is too much for you to handle, don't worry, we can do it for you. If you want to stick with Windows XP like millions of other people who don't like change, you can do that too. Visit our WINDOWS XP SURVIVAL GUIDE here to learn more about your options.

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Some people remark that even though we're experts in the latest technology, walking into one of our stores is like going back in time — to when businesses still cared about their customer service and treated customers with respect. That's how we were raised. Come in and see us the next time you need your computer repaired. You'll be glad you did.

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